123 Schooner Street
Laser Park, Honeydew, Johannesburg


Laser park, established due to the ever expanding Johannesburg and the need for further industrial areas, has boomed of late and grown bigger than originally expected. Situated between the N1 and N14 highways makes it an ideal location for business to gain access to Johannesburg, Pretoria and as far out as Krugersdorp. Laser Park 123 is a standalone building comprising one tenant on a long term lease agreement.

Laser Park – A Vibrant Property in Gauteng for Sale and Rental

Located close to the city of Johannesburg, Laser Park is a vibrant property hub situated within the Roodepoort area. It offers an array of different properties for sale and rental, ranging from residential space to office areas across its many suburbs.

If you’re looking to purchase or rent a property in Gauteng, then Laser Park should definitely be on your list of potential locations. With several listings available at any given time, there’s something here that will suit everyone’s needs and budget. Whether it’s a flatlet with balcony or a unit with two bathrooms – whatever kind of property you’re after can be found at Laser Park!

Honeydew is one popular suburb located within this bustling area that has plenty of options when it comes down to renting or buying properties. Prices vary depending on what type of place you are searching for, but generally speaking they tend to remain affordable even in comparison to other parts of South Africa. The good news about Honeydew is that there are lots of rental spaces available too; so if purchasing isn’t an option yet, then leasing could still be possible!

For those wanting more details about specific listings before viewing them first hand; the Reception Centre located in Honeydew provides such information along with maps so that visitors can plan their journey accordingly before heading out into town. If you have any further questions regarding these properties once visiting them yourself however; being able contact Standard Bank (who provide financial services) directly would prove most helpful as well!

When browsing through all the various offerings at Laser Park – each individual listing includes pictures taken by estate agents which give buyers/renters an idea as to what they can expect upon arrival i.e., how many rooms does it include? Does it come with parking space? What facilities are nearby etc.? Having this extra bit added detail really helps clarify whether or not these places meet your requirements prior entering into any sort agreement whatsoever either way- making sure both parties know exactly what they are getting themselves into beforehand without having any hidden surprises later down line!

In terms of where else potential purchasers/renters may find assistance during their search process- there exists websites like Property Email Alerts which specifically cater towards those interested in finding suitable accommodation throughout South Africa including secluded spots like Ruimsig & other surrounding developments around Johannesburg itself– giving users access not only detailed descriptions but also photographs plus plans too (which show exact location). This service allows individuals view multiple apartments/houses simultaneously while comparing prices against features offered thereby allowing them narrow down results much quicker than if had done manually elsewhere instead…

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