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Just off the CBD of Randburg and situated on the main road linking Sandton and the northern suburbs to Randburg, the area is predominantly motor related and this property is the idead location for any company of this nature or similar. With a small retail compliment above tenanted by various other companies. The location of this property is its best selling point being a stones through away from Johannesburg CBD, Randburg CDB and the heart of Sandton.

Kensington B is a suburb located in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It offers an excellent investment opportunity for both residential and commercial properties, with its prime location close to Randburg, Bryanston, Ferndale and Sandton. This suburb has something for everyone – from apartments and family homes to offices and industrial properties – making it one of the most desirable areas in Johannesburg North.

Located just north of President Street and east of Grey Street, Kensington B is conveniently placed near a police station as well as numerous other amenities such as schools, shops, restaurants and parks. The area also boasts easy access to the Sandton Mediclinic Hospital on Victoria Street; this makes it ideal for those who need quick medical attention or care facilities nearby. Surrounding suburbs include Addelley Street (Beverley Gardens)and Robin Hills (Ferndale).

Kensington B is home to charming cottages that offer a unique blend of old-world charm mixed with modern conveniences. These properties are set back from the street behind low walls covered in ivy or lush gardens, providing privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light into each room through their large windows facing out onto tranquil streets lined with trees. Families will love these dwellings which often have 3 bedrooms plus bathrooms located throughout the house along with comfortable living spaces that provide more than enough room for entertaining guests or simply relaxing at home after a long day at work..

The property listings available in Kensington B range from single bedroom flats up to 4 bedroom houses depending on your budget; there are even some luxury complexes boasting communal pools! Each listing provides detailed information about what’s included – such as baths/bedrooms/property type etc., so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for without having to sort through hundreds of different options first! Additionally if you want an exclusive deal then agents in Kensington can help negotiate prices on behalf of buyers too – giving them peace-of-mind when it comes time to make an offer on their dream property!

Apartments also make up part of Kensington’s impressive portfolio: many come complete with balconies or patios perfect for enjoying summer days outdoors while others feature spacious receptions rooms ideal for hosting parties or intimate dinners alike! The majority come fully furnished too – so all tenants need do is move in straight away without having worry about furnishing costs either before they arrive or afterwards once settled into their new abode . Not only does this save time but money too – meaning less stress overall!.

For investors looking to rent out their properties then look no further than here: rental rates tend be quite competitive due largely thanks demand being high among professionals working nearby corporate offices like those found around Abbington Road & Milner Road (Sandton Clinic). Prices typically start at around R6000 per month but can go much higher depending upon how luxurious apartment complex may be – so do bear mind when calculating potential returns!.

If buying land instead then filter search results by your own requirements including minimum price point desired maximum size required number beds/baths needed etc.,so best suited plot lands quickly identified sorted accordingly ready purchase plan construction project ahead!. Finally don’t forget consider factors such proximity local points interest before deciding where buy: St Francis Catholic Church Saints Primary School lovely spots visit within walking distance addition Police Station make sure safety security taken care off should ever any issues arise during tenancy agreement period!.

In conclusion whether looking buy sell rent invest property types ranging from single bedroom flats four bed houses complexes featuring pools great variety choices available people seeking investment opportunities Gauteng Province South Africa specifically vicinity Kensington B Randburg Bryanston Ferndale Sandton definitely worth considering given its prime location ample amenities good transport links wide selection real estate market offer peaking interests many families business owners alike !

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Call Centre Hub, Media, Education Facilities, Corporate Offices, Commercial Space

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