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Orion Real Estate Ltd is a value driven Organisation. Our values are well entrenched and documented in our values booklet.

Our Vision

“One T50 – an Orion experience in 50 countries”

Our Brand Promise

“It’s Happening”

  • We are far-sighted
  • We are future-orientated
  • We see things from different perspectives
  • We reach further together
  • We stretch and fetch
  • We take responsible risks
  • We see opportunity others don’t
  • The sky is the limit

Our Values


  • Act in a way that leads to trust in others
  • Respect Company resources (time and money)
  • Be honest with yourself – give and accept realistic and constructive criticism
  • Disclose instances of dishonesty (whistle-blowing)
  • Never take anything from anyone that does not belong to you
  • Tell the truth, no matter what the consequences


  • Are truthful no matter what the situation or circumstances
  • Openly admit mistakes
  • Consistently apply the Orion Standards
  • Always do what is right
  • Respect Company confidentiality
  • Are constructively transparent without hidden agendas?
  • Adhere to commitments made
  • Take responsibility – not blaming others/ circumstances
  • Do not make promises that are not kept

Treating People with Dignity

  • Respond timely to communication and meet set deadlines
  • Do not reprimand each other in public
  • Avoid perceptions and damaging rumours
  • Reframe from using offensive language towards internal and external Customers
  • Respect diverse opinions and cultures
  • Greet internal and external Customers
  • Avoid offensive non-verbal gestures
  • Adhere to professional etiquette
  • Be patient with Colleagues who do not have the same skills and ability
  • Be on time for commitments

Reward & Recognition

  • Show appreciation by catching others doing things right
  • Demonstrate verbal and written recognition by saying “thank you.”
  • Are regular for open and constructive feedback
  • Nominating Colleagues for the Orion Star Colleague award


  • Teach each other and are generous with knowledge sharing
  • Show empathy and understanding
  • Share resources
  • Are always willing to listen
  • Are receptive, have open doors and are approachable
  • Go the extra mile – always given more for less

Innovation & Productivity

  • Are continually looking for “Better Ways” and participating in the Orion Better Ways competition
  • Are tolerant about new mistakes resulting from action on innovative ideas and learning from old mistakes
  • Give credit for good ideas
  • Recognise owners of ideas
  • Encourage others to generate ideas
  • Team focused
  • High-quality work

Where to Find Us

Orion Real Estate Ltd Head Office
3rd Floor
26 Wellington Road
Johannesburg 2193
South Africa

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