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This is our security services provider for the Orion Real Estate and Hotel Division portfolio. Fully compliant and PSIRA registered to ensure the safety and security of all assets under our control.

The Security Services has functioned efficiently and provided a quality service to the Orion properties and to some of the hotel properties. Taken into account the limited number of incidents at our properties in a very volatile external environment indicates the high level of commitment of our guards.

The security industry is a fast-growing industry and the security company will have to engage in the near future into discussions with potential security partners and potential clients to grow the business beyond the Orion properties. The existing security environment remains a challenge, but the security service is supported by the utilisation of technology and a central control room. The security supervisors have also formed a coaching team and an improvement in their performance and the performance of their teams are noticeable.

In the new financial year, the initiative to become more outward focused must become a reality. The quality of service delivery and the quality and integrity of staff remain key priorities. The rolling out of more technology can further enhance the levels of service delivery and provide management with information and footage on their computers in the office environment.

Where to Find Us

Orion Real Estate Ltd Head Office
3rd Floor
26 Wellington Road
Johannesburg 2193
South Africa

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